Sometimes life does not go as expected, life throws you a curve ball – you might feel alone, confused and unable to process or cope with the emotional tidal wave that just hit you.

Time for Plan B?

Plan B Counselling can provide you with a safe space to explore and process these feelings, here are some areas where counselling might help you:

Grief and Loss,
Relationship Problems,
Loss of confidence.

Seeking support from a counsellor provides you with a qualified and independent person to share your problems with, counselling is a talking therapy that will help you work through your issues in a confidental and supportive environment.

Think of Counselling like first aid for your mental health, a pro-active way to deal with any issues that are causing you emotional pain, giving you greater self-awareness to help you navigate your way through your current issues.

There are many benefits to counselling, here are a few: Emotional Re-balance, Support with Grief (Loss of health, Bereavement, Job Loss, End of a Relationship), Exploring Life Goals/Direction.

If you need help with any of the areas discussed in this article contact us: or phone: 07305 407 481.